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Program #835

Anna Goad & Wendy Watkins


1 clean quart mason jar with lid.
1 quart whole organic milk.
1/4 cup fresh live-culture yogurt. Use as starter.

1. Heat milk, stirring frequently to 200F.
2. Allow milk to cool until 90-110F.
3. Thoroughly mix starter yogurt into milk. *Slowly stir.
4. Pour into sterilized mason jar. Cap jar.
Place in gas oven with pilot light on or electric oven with oven-light on.
OR follow alternate warming methods.
5. Check yogurt after 5 to 12 hours.

~If it isn't thick, re-warm by placing jar in bowl or warm water and add either gelatin or dry milk. I prefer using gelatin.
~It can be left longer if a stronger sour flavor is desired. Longer fermentation may make yogurt digestible for lactose-intolerant people.
~Yogurt can be stored in the refrigerator for weeks, although the flavor will intensify.
~You can flavor with fruit, jam, vanilla, and honey-but remember to save a 1/4 cup to start your next batch!

Alternate warming methods:
1. Put warmed mason jars in cooler. Surround with hot water.
2. Heat in crock pot. Let cool, add starter & keep lid on. Surround with heavy bath towel and place in warm area of house.

**Strain yogurt through cheese cloth to create "Greek Yogurt" and whey for lacto-fermenting!**


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